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Bend Oregon Alpine Lock and Door

daren hildebrandt alpine lock and doorDaren Hildebrandt started locksmithing over 30 years ago as an apprentice, and quickly worked his way up to owning his own business: Alpine Lock and Door.

In the early 90s when the Cascade mountains beckoned Daren, Alpine Lock and Door moved to Bend, Oregon — the Great Pacific Northwest — where it has been ever since.

With years of experience in general contracting, locksmithing, and both commercial and residential door and lock repairs and installs in Bend, Oregon and surrounding areas, Daren is one of the most experienced locksmiths in Central Oregon, and has built a rapport with many Bend business owners and residents alike.

Alpine Lock and Door has been doing remote door and lock servicing in Central Oregon, and everyone who has utilized Alpine Lock and Door agrees that it’s the best.